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13th & Green  |  Wichita, KS 67124

Art That Touches Your Heart, "Ruby’s Culture Campus aims to re-engage and improve the quality-of-life issues by improving cultural competency and developing a positive sense of community through entrepreneurship. At the same time, we want Ruby’s to be a symbol to the city that all communities deserve to be focused and improved upon. By feeding a property money to create something nice for the overlooked areas of town we want Ruby’s to be the ground zero symbol or this movement in this area of town. Creating this space gives the community a unique place to experience and learn about the African American culture through art, literature, and music. Ruby’s Culture Campus will be located on the SE corner of 13th and Green." 

Currently, we are reaching out to the community in efforts to raise funds to bring this project to life. To learn more about this project please click on the link below and feel free to reach out to Empowered for additional information.

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